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CHICAGO — U.S. President Joe Biden and America’s cybersecurity defense agency have declared October as Cybersecurity Month in the United States as “a time for the public and private sectors to work together to continue raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.” Cybersecurity month will “equip the American people with the resources needed to be safer and more secure online,” according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Throughout October, CISA, in partnership with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA), “will build a more secure and resilient technology ecosystem through real-time operational collaboration, enhanced visibility and data sharing, and products engineered secure-by-design so we can collectively reduce risk to our nation and protect the critical infrastructure that Americans rely on every day,” CISA said. 

During however, cybersecurity attacks in the U.S. have continued. On October 10, Russian-speaking hackers hacked the City of Chicago’s aviation Web site flychicago.com. Airports in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta were breached hit but flights were not disrupted. 

Hospitals are also not immune. While CommonSpiritHealth confirmed it experienced an “IT security issue” earlier this week, the company has remained mum when pressed for more details about the scope of the attack. The health system giant has 140 hospitals in 21 states. It’s still unknown how many of the hospital company’s 1,000 care sites that serve 20 million Americans were affected.Despite the lingering questions, the incident underscores the growing concerns surrounding ransomware attacks on health care systems with patient care at stake.

The growing problem of cyber attacks is exactly why a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) on cybersecurity is so important. CCIR and Cyber ​​Level Ins have signed a collaboration agreement to connect cyber security and insurance experts with the network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and its members to help analyze potential risks and create networks business safety. Cyber Level Ins is an American and international company that provides expert cybersecurity protection and insurance to corporations. 

Chamber members will be offered a free trial cybersecurity insurance program and policy; and CCIR will hold seminars around the country to help protect firms. More information is available here:

„At the CCIR level there is a constant concern about protecting the business environment from cyber attacks, more and more frequent as technology advances. We are considering organizing seminars on this topic, so that business people are prepared to adequately respond to such attacks, and the collaboration agreement we signed today with the Cyber ​​Level Ins company represents a first step in this direction,” said Mihai Daraban, President of the CCIR.

The relationship is not just a cyber security partnership between CCIR and Cyber ​​Level Ins but also is a partnership between America and CCIR. Cyber Level Ins will also assist in bringing American companies to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and build relationships that benefit the allied countries as well as their corporations. The alliance between the United States of America and Romania should not only be military and security. It should also be about jobs, economic opportunity and in this case, technological security and insurance.

For more information, please go to https://cyberlevins.com/ro/cyber-umbrella

Dan Shomon for ABC News Romania

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